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Garlic is usually planted in autumn and has grown into garlic seedlings in winter. After spring warming, the garlic seedlings grew rapidly, and when the sunshine gradually lengthened, several young buds were produced around the garlic moss. When garlic seedlings sprout moss, each bud expands rapidly and grows together, thus forming one garlic clove after another.

1. Sowing too late is the main reason for the production of garlic. If garlic seedlings are planted in warmer spring, they will encounter high temperature and long sunshine soon after they grow. This condition is not conducive to the development of garlic clove buds, many of which will degenerate, leaving only a single garlic clove, thus forming a single garlic clove.

2. Garlic produces many aerial bulbs instead of flowering inflorescences (i.e. flowers growing at the top of garlic bolts). The aerial bulbs are planted in the ground, and the garlic produced in this way is often a single garlic.

3. In addition, early-maturing varieties, small garlic cloves, poor soil, insufficient basic fertilizer, drought and water shortage, serious grassland wasteland, excessive density, too few leaves, unsatisfactory temperature and illumination conditions for differentiation of scales and buds will all lead to the production of garlic.

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