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Dali black garlic

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Black garlic has very high nutritional value. The inspection report of the inspection organization shows that fresh garlic contains 63.8 g of water, 7.2 g of sugar, 5.2 g of protein, 10.2 g of fat, 10 mg of calcium, 12.5 mg of phosphorus, 1.3 mg of iron, 10.29 mg of vitamin B10, vitamin B20, 0.8 mg of nicotinic acid, 7 mg of vitamin C, in addition to magnesium and other trace elements, which are indispensable nutrients for human body. The water content of black garlic is 43.6 g, calcium 13 mg, magnesium 52 mg, iron 2.1 mg, sodium 36 mg, potassium 930 mg, zinc 1.4 mg, vitamin B610.726 mg, vitamin B20.126 mg and nicotinic acid 10.048 mg per 100 g. It can be seen that black garlic has a significant decrease in water, fat and trace elements, while protein, sugar and vitamins are at least twice as much as that of garlic. It has abundant human body needs and can improve functional nutrition at the same time.

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