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    Dali black garlic

    Black garlic is a new green health food with a variety of health. The garlic is transformed from traditional seasoning vegetables into leisure health foods, to become a hot health care product. The product tastes good and looks pretty, so it is much favored by consumers, and short of supply in the markets. In order to further improve the added value of garlic industry, pull the development of the whole garlic industry, the company has invested to build a project of processing 5,000 tons of black garlic per year in 2014. The black garlic processing workshop, black garlic pre-processing workshop, staff quarters and green and affiliated facilities have been built. The project will be implemented by three stages, with a total investment of 300 million yuan.

  • Yunnan

    Yunnan gingers

    The cultivation area of ​​ginger is largest in china, with the largest production. With the improvement of people's living standards, ginger demands are becoming more and more. Its special effects as drug and foods have been widely recognized. Ginger development and application are expanding; in addition to its applications in condiments and pharmaceuticals, it has been expanded to functional chemicals, with wide application prospects. Yunnan small yellow ginger is rich in nutrients, and its products are rich in sugar, protein, fat, a variety of celluloses and inorganic salts, and some other special ingredients such as gingerol, soy sauce ketone, ginger phenol and ginger alcohol, etc., to make gingers have special spicy flavors. According to the food composition table compiled by Institutes of Health, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, every 500g of gingers contain 40g sugar, 3.5 g fat, 7g protein, 5 g fibers, 0.9g carotene, 200g vitamin C, 0.05g thiamine, and 0.2mg riboflavin, 2mg niacin, 100mg calcium, 225mg phosphorus, and 35mg iron. All of them are essential for maintaining human health. In October 2015, the company has newly built a “2500 ton/year low-sulfur ginger slices deep construction project", to produce the low-sulfur ginger slice functional foods. The production of functional foods started late in china. The product variety with real food functions is still rare. In nearly 100 billion of annual sales of products, the majority of them are health foods of pharmaceutical shapes. By using the high-tech and rich food- pharmacy homologous resources in china, to develop the safe and effective functional foods with food shapes is supported by the government in china.

  • Plateau

    Plateau single clove garlic

    In recent years, the cultivation and production of single clove garlic has been listed an industry encouraged by Dali, which is an effective way for farmers to get rich in Guangdong mountain area. With the increasing demands for single clove garlic and other agricultural and sideline products in the international markets, the planting area and production yield of farmers continue to increase. Through strengthening and improving seeds, fertilizers, cultivation techniques, the company has steadily promoted the early maturing single clove garlic industry. At present, the planting area in the county is over 80,000 mu, with an output value up to 1.2 billion yuan. The company is a member of the National Association of Garlic and a president unit of Eryuan County Garlic Association. By actively promoting the Dali Plateau single clove garlic agricultural standardization demonstration project, the company has established a high standard of high quality garlic demonstration base in the county, and passed ISO9001-2008 certification. The company standardizes the production of Eryuan pollution-free garlic according to the GLOBALG.AP standard, to make the garlic production in a standardized production track. Through the unified supply of garlic varieties and unified fertilizing and strict control on the use of pesticides and other means of production, the company has driven the enthusiasm of the majority of farmers to plant high-quality garlic and acquired good economic benefits. The company regularly holds training courses during the period of garlic production, field management and harvesting, and invites agricultural experts to train key technologies of fertility of garlics.

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