Discovery Tour of CCTV Station on Black Garlic Rich Road in Dali, Yunnan

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2018/05/18 00:00
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Eryuan County, Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province, has three rivers running side by side, namely Miju River, Yongan River and Luoshi River, which are known as the source of Erhai Lake. The region has green waters and green mountains, beautiful plateau scenery, mild climate and subtropical plateau monsoon climate type. It has obvious three-dimensional climate and biodiversity characteristics, and is an ecological protection area in the upper and middle reaches of the Yangtze River.

Eryuan County has fertile soil and abundant products. It is known as the land of early-maturing garlic, dairy cow and orchid on the plateau of China. Among them, Eryuan County's geographic label agricultural product - plateau garlic planting has increased year by year, becoming the main cash crop of ecological agriculture, but also an important channel for local people to become rich.

Located in Eryuan County, Dali Pinhong Plateau Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is an agricultural specialty product development enterprise with more than ten years'experience. It is mainly committed to the cultivation, acquisition, storage, processing, product development and sales of agricultural products. Driven by production and scientific research, with the development and deployment of black garlic technology, better economic benefits have been achieved, which further promotes the development of Dali garlic industry.