Dali Black Garlic: The National Network Media Dali Bank Press Group came to Pinhong Plateau Agriculture in Eryuan

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2018/03/26 00:00
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Garlic is the most common seasoning in the kitchen of every household, and it is indispensable for fried and fried.


On the afternoon of November 2nd, the national network media Dali reporter team came to Pinyuan's Pinhong Plateau Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. to understand how the “5000-ton black garlic deep processing” project combined with the special geographical location and environmental protection requirements of Wuyuan. Vigorously develop the ecological planting industry and at the same time drive farmers to increase their income.

Garlic is the most common seasoning in the kitchen of every household, and it is indispensable for fried and fried. Nowadays, garlic has changed into a white and fat appearance, and it has become a "black girl." Peeling off the brown garlic skin, the black garlic is exposed. "This garlic has turned black, can you eat it?" The reporters of the net media were discouraged from the black garlic in front of them. In the end, I couldn't resist the curiosity. I took a bite and tasted it. "Well, the garlic smell is very light, it tastes good, sweet, like eating fruit." "I have to send a circle of friends to let my friends guess. Guess this is awkward. It seems that a new round of friends and big guesses is about to begin.

Black garlic is an emerging green bio-health food with a variety of health functions, rich in 18 kinds of amino acids and allicin. It has strong bactericidal, detoxifying and clearing the intestines, preventing various cardiovascular diseases and other effects. Through fermentation, it reduces the unique taste of raw garlic and the irritating to the stomach and improves the acid resistance.

On the bank of the Bohai Lake in the south of Caiyun, it is the origin of the single-headed garlic. The good mountain and the good water here breed the unique super-headed garlic unique to the high altitude area of ​​2200 meters. Dali Pinhong Company introduced the Japanese bio-fermentation technology. Under different temperature and humidity conditions, after 90 days of natural fermentation, it is a healthy, nutritious and delicious Dali black garlic. It tastes sweet, soft and soft, and can be eaten directly or brewed. stew.


According to reports, at present, Dali's high-altitude single-head garlic industry has been receiving more and more attention from the world, and black garlic products have transformed garlic from traditional condiments into leisure health foods, providing a brand new development for the international development of plateau specialty industries. path.

Dali Pinhong Company adopts the model of “party branch + poor households + leading enterprises + financial support”, turning resources into assets, capital change into stocks, farmers becoming shareholders, and driving poor households to plant high-altitude single-headed garlic, single-head garlic per mu. It can increase the income by about 8,000 yuan. Guide the masses to develop the habit of scientifically planting ecological garlic, maximize environmental protection, increase production, reduce costs, and increase income.

“The Black Garlic Deep Processing Project has increased the added value of the garlic industry in Dali Plateau and guided farmers to use environmentally friendly organic fertilizers and pesticides. This has transformed the traditional single planting model, which has protected the soil and groundwater in the source of the seawater. The garlic planted by farmers provides a good market for farmers to increase their income.” Liu Fang from Asia Heart Network said that such deep-processing projects for high-altitude agricultural products have achieved a double harvest of environmental protection and economic benefits.