Dali black garlic first entered the foreign high-end market ~ Sina Finance reported

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2018/05/18 00:00
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After inspection and quarantine by the Dali Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in early May, a batch of 1.01 tons of black garlic, which was produced by Dali Pinhong Plateau Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., was exported to Japan. This is Dali Garlic Deep Processing and High value-added products entered the high-end foreign market for the first time. As of June 19, black garlic has been exported in two batches.

Black garlic is made from fresh single-headed garlic after 60-90 days of fermentation under certain temperature and humidity conditions. After fermentation, the garlic smell is eliminated, the irritating effect on the stomach is greatly reduced, and at the same time, the nutritional value not found in ordinary garlic is increased. In order to help enterprises smoothly export deep-processed products, the inspection and quarantine departments have repeatedly penetrated enterprises, guided enterprises to improve the export base of agricultural products (6.560, -0.04, -0.61%), reformed the black garlic processing workshop, effectively operated the sanitary quality system, and completed export-related Filing.