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I. Industrial poverty alleviation

By driving the poor households to plant high-altitude single-headed garlic, the average per mu yield of garlic is 1200 kg per mu, and the income per mu can be increased by 8,000 yuan, which greatly increases the income of farmers. In the course of business, under the same conditions, the agricultural products of the poverty-stricken households of the establishment of the card are preferentially acquired at an average price higher than the market price, and the poverty-stricken households of the establishment of the card are encouraged to plant plateau-specific agricultural products and increase their income.

Second, labor poverty alleviation

In the course of business, the company needs about 30,000 person-times of seasonal employment every year. Under the same conditions, the company gives priority to the labor force of the poverty-stricken households, and guides and trains them to pay for their work and increase their income. According to the daily fee of 120 yuan per person, the labor force of the poverty-stricken households with the establishment of the card can increase the income by 15,000 yuan per year.

Third, the fund for poverty alleviation

In 2016, the company took out 550,000 yuan and used the standard of 1,000 yuan per household to fund the construction of poverty-stricken households as development funds. The poor households who received the subsidies earned their own income through planting, breeding, and manual production, and increased their income. Better social benefits.

Fourth, share the poverty alleviation

Under the leadership of the poverty-stricken village party branch, the model of “party branch + poor households + leading enterprises + financial support” is adopted. The poverty-stricken households provide financial cooperation to the financial sector for 50,000 yuan per household, and set up professional cooperatives to participate in the company. The company is 8.5 per year. The proportion of % is distributed to poor households. The realization of "resources become assets, funds become stocks, farmers become shareholders", so that the interests of poor households have been guaranteed, funds to ensure safety大理品宏高原农业科技开发有限公司

V. Science and technology poverty alleviation

The company has organized training on key technologies for high-altitude agricultural products on a number of occasions, and arranged for agricultural technicians to guide the field to help the poor households in the establishment of the card to master breeding, fertilization, pest control and other technologies to ensure their crop yields are obvious.

6. Donation for poverty alleviation

In the "Poverty Alleviation Day", the company donated funds for the construction of infrastructure for the Jiaoshi Village Committee and the Laping Village Committee; actively participated in the donation of funds, funded poor students, rewarded the college entrance examination and the senior high school entrance examination; donated money for mudslides and earthquake-stricken areas, Help them rebuild social welfare activities such as homes. In recent years, the company has participated in donations totaling more than 1 million yuan.大理品宏高原农业科技开发有限公司


Seven, linked to poverty alleviation

In order to give full play to the role of leading enterprises in promoting agriculture through work, to promote the development of local economy, and to solve the problems of “three rural” and “poverty alleviation”, the company has also cooperated with Futian Village, Fuhe Village and Xidian Village in Niujie Township. Signed a poverty alleviation link agreement, and maximized the income of poor households who built the card through various means


Eight, demonstration poverty alleviation

The company plans to transfer 100 mu of land to build a “highland single-head garlic ecological planting science and technology demonstration park”, using scientific and technological means to collect data such as soil, climate, fertilizer, heavy metals and mineral elements to solve the problem of excessive fertilization, irrational use of fertilizer and pesticides. Superimposed traditional planting habits, formulate scientific and rational fertilization, water conservation, and drug use programs, guide the masses to develop the habit of scientifically planting ecological garlic, maximize environmental protection, increase production, reduce costs, and increase income.