Processing Technology


The company invested more than 800 million in 2005 to build a 10,000-ton cold storage with layered steel structure. The process and technology of the cold storage have reached the national leading level. The main agricultural products of the local and surrounding areas are stored in the cold storage, which can solve the anti-season problem and achieve the connection with the local planting industry. It can fully ensure the radiation of the cold storage while expanding the varieties of fruits and vegetables in the cold storage, to drive the planting structure adjustment of surrounding areas and promote the formation of large-scale cultivation.

In 2015, the company invested to build a new type of cold storage with a capacity of 10,000 tons. It adopts the domestic top-grade refrigeration technology, introduces the Xiangyun cold storage management system, to achieve precise refrigeration automation operation and scientific management. It has achieved four functions: 1. scientific breeding; 2. anti-season cold storage and sales of agricultural products; 3. Pre-cooling of black garlic processing materials; 4. Freezing and freshness of dehydrated agricultural products.

Especially for the cold-storage anti-season sales of single clove garlic, the products are in short supply. Every year the anti-season sales of single clove garlic can be up to more than 50,000 tons, making great contribution to the industrial development of Dali plateau single clove garlic.

It has been thousands of years of planting garlic in Eryuan County. Initially it is mainly the local garlic, without large-scale production. Since the early 1990s, after the Sichuan early maturing garlic variety “Hongqixing” is introduced, the garlic industry has undergone rapid development. After low temperature, cold storage catalytic treatment of Sichuan Wenjiang “Hongqixing” , with the unique climate and soil environment in Dali, the normal growth and development rules of the variety are changed, to form the early maturing single clove garlic (the single clove garlic is only produced in Dali across the country). It is featured by early maturation, purple peel, high single clove rate, large size and high yield, high quality, convenience for taking, etc.. Once it is launched, it shows high competitiveness in the markets at home and abroad, with obvious economic benefit. Its planting area is on the rise year by year, and now it has become one of the pillar industries for the agricultural development.

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