Scientific development, do not forget the initial heart

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2019/03/07 11:54
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To create a group of high-altitude agricultural products with advantages, influences and competitiveness in the province and even the whole country, to promote the development of high-altitude agriculture to a new level, and to lay a solid foundation for the development of ecological agriculture is our wish!

Bring into play the advantages of plateau-specific agriculture, introduce industrial methods, service industries and ideas and business models into agriculture, vigorously develop high-altitude agricultural products processing industry, promote agricultural productive services and product packaging, promote rural tourism and trade logistics, and focus on building agriculture. It is our responsibility to promote the development of the pillar industry in the whole chain, to achieve independent innovation and extensive application of high technology, and to promote the upgrading and upgrading of traditional industries!

Establish a whole-industry chain-related organization of “farmers + bases + enterprises + e-commerce”, and build an agricultural enterprise platform integrating production, processing and sales in the southwest and even the whole country. To realize the company's own value, reflect social responsibility and responsibility, and promote me. It is our goal to make unremitting efforts in the construction of the county's national ecological demonstration county!

With the help of the party committees and governments at all levels and the relevant departments, the company will be determined to make progress, gather together, work hard, and rise up in the wave of market economy, and strive to develop the company into a national first-class high-altitude agricultural products processing enterprise. struggle!